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    Sushmita Sen’s plans for her autobiography

    ::cck::1132::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Sushmita Sen who would be seen in Arun Sheshkumar and Pankita Sadrani’s Comedy Superstar (Pyramid Films) as a judge reveals her desire to publish an autobiography. The actress has been through a long journey from being the first Indian to wear the crown of ‘Miss Universe’ to becoming a single mother of two […] More

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    Bollywood Actresses: Cops on the run!

    ::cck::861::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Women in uniform unfailingly manage to turn heads, more so on the big screen. While cop stories are done quite often in the film, we don’t see that many actresses play the tough police woman on the big screen. But there are a few who did, and have done full justice to the […] More