Sushmita Sen’s plans for her autobiography


Sushmita Sen who would be seen in Arun Sheshkumar and Pankita Sadrani’s Comedy Superstar (Pyramid Films) as a judge reveals her desire to publish an autobiography.

The actress has been through a long journey from being the first Indian to wear the crown of ‘Miss Universe’ to becoming a single mother of two daughters at the young age of twenty-four. Sushmita Sen’s fans crave for her autobiography.

When asked about the idea of writing an autobiography, Sushmita replied, “Someday I would do that. I have been asked many of times to do this but I always keep saying “Abhi toh mujhe bahut kuch jeena hai, bahut kuch karna hai (Right now I have a lot to live, a lot to do). There will definitely be an autobiography one day.”

Having said about her plans for autobiography, the Bollywood actress says that she is currently enjoying the other authors’ works and is very fond of reading non-fiction books. She shares, “I have been a voracious reader for many years but being a single mother, running the show and working hard keeps me busy. Therefore, reading takes sometimes a backseat which is why, these days, I read only the books that I can read anywhere. The kind of books that I can open on any page and I can read and I don’t have to begin and finish the book. Books have been an inspiration throughout. I have been someone who have all sorts of books in my library but most of them are motivational and inspirational based books because I like them to be kind of a ‘thought for the day’ for my kids and me. I mainly have books of authors like Rhonda Byrne, Paulo Coelho, Richard Bach, Brian.L.Weiss.”


Bollywood Weekly Trade Report, September 27, 2015


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