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    Baazaar Quick Movie Review

    Saif Ali Khan receives a meaty role and has the looks required to represent a businessman, but he lacks the guts to portray the notoriousness of the venture capitalist. Director Chawla manages to mix all the masala ingredients and set a Hollywood standard, despite being backed by average writing at most places. While the story […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Six releases tomorrow; Baazaar to dominate!

    ::cck::2450::/cck::::fulltext:: Like it happens every year, the pre-Diwali period is here and it’ll be riddled with plenty of small releases. Every year, such films flop big time and yet, the makers don’t get the drift. Tomorrow, as many as six films would release and only ‘Baazar’ seems to be interesting and carries some buzz. ‘Baazaar’ […] More

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    Badhaai Ho Quick Movie Review

    Touted as a fun family saga, the movie works primarily because of its crazy sense of humour, done in an unusual way aimed at stirring uncomfortable situations. The reactions to situations, the social message and the uneasy moments make it worthwhile to watch as the audience easily relates to those scenes. Free from stereotypes and […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Badhaai Ho seems more exciting than Namaste England!

    ::cck::2448::/cck::::fulltext:: Last week saw the release of as many as four films and all of them have bombed at the box office. Even if these films had enjoyed a good word of mouth, it would have been difficult for them to score due to overcrowding. This week too, a similar scenario would have arisen. Three […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Helicopter Eela looks more appealing than the other releases!

    ::cck::2447::/cck:: ::fulltext:: It’s going to be a chaotic and frightening Friday as four medium-budget films will try their luck at the box office. None of the films look that exciting and can have poor openings. Thankfully, ‘AndhaDhun’, released last week, is doing exceptionally well at the box office and it’ll save the day to an […] More

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    “Mothers are impulsively compulsively obsessed with their children, especially in India” – Kajol

    ::cck::2446::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Kajol is always a delight to talk to. Unpretentious and confident, she has a lot more to share than just the details about her upcoming film. An intelligent actress who ensures that the conversations go as lively as ever, she was yet again at her candid best when we interacted about ‘Helicopter Eela’ […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – It’s Ayushmann Khurrana vs Aayush Sharma!

    ::cck::2445::/cck::::fulltext:: The month of October is here and it’s going to be very crowded. Each week will see at least three releases. Almost all of them are small and medium budget films and they are trying their luck in this month itself since November and December will be dominated by the biggest films of the […] More