“Mothers are impulsively compulsively obsessed with their children, especially in India” – Kajol


Kajol is always a delight to talk to. Unpretentious and confident, she has a lot more to share than just the details about her upcoming film. An intelligent actress who ensures that the conversations go as lively as ever, she was yet again at her candid best when we interacted about ‘Helicopter Eela’ which releases this Friday.

‘Helicopter Eela’ – the title itself is so intriguing. Had you heard about something like this before?

I was aware of this Helicopter phenomenon but then didn’t know how much people were making a big deal about it. We knew that there would be interest value in the title. “Log sawaal zaroor poochenge that kya hai yeh Helicopter Eela.”

Were you taken aback that there is a world out there were parents act as helicopters?

No, not at all. As a matter of fact I have seen that especially in India where mothers are impulsively compulsively obsessed with their children. Nirupa Roy has set a standard for mothers in our country for the rest of your lives. “Maa ka definition” is very typical in India that “maa wahi achchi hoti hai jo khaana banaati hai, jo sacrifice karti hai.” Somewhere down the line that has become a part of our culture where mothers are supposed to be like that.

How does that work in today’s times though?

I guess there is some change that is coming in “jaise jaise zamaana badalte jaa raha hai”. Relationships are not just about a mother and son but also about how two individuals need to be with each other.

As per you, what are the pros and cons of being a helicopter parent?

There are indeed pros and cons to that. “Jab main bachchi thi toh itna darr nahi rehta tha. Aaj time change ho gaya hai, mitti change ho gayi hai, log badal gaye hain.” There is nothing like a safe neighbourhood anymore. Earlier we could tell children that you can do down, play for two hours and come back. Today you can’t do that. “Aapko har waqt nazar rakhni padhti hai.” So I guess this is where this whole helicopter parenting started. Today you have to keep an eye on everything. This is where this entire obsessively compulsive behaviour amongst parents started. So the pro is that howsoever maximum that you can do, you are able to protect your child from the outside world. Of course “poora toh nahi par jitna dhyaan aap rakh sakte ho utna aap rakhte ho.”


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