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    Simmba Quick Movie Review

    Ranveer Singh delivers a fantastically energetic performance and is a delight to watch. He clearly excels in all romantic, comedic and action scenes. Sara Ali Khan is completely wasted and has only 2-3 scenes, and she is barely visible in the second half. Amongst the huge assembled star cast, Ashutosh Rana definitely stands out. There […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Simmba carries good buzz and can score big!

    ::cck::2465::/cck::::fulltext:: The last Friday of the year is usually empty and sans any release. The second last Friday is when there’s a film release and it’s usually so big that no other film releases in the last week. Small films like ‘Ugly’ (2014) tried their luck but a big release is unheard of. This year […] More

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    Zero Quick Movie Review

    The rich production values, excellent VFX, special effects and photography contribute to the quality of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan acts quiet well, but not enough to deliver a good entertaining film. He does not look as effective as the dwarf, as Kamal Hassan looked in ‘Appu Raja’. Furthermore, his romantic angle with Katrina Kaif […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Will Zero turn out to be the blockbuster that Shah Rukh Khan needs?

    ::cck::2463::/cck::::fulltext:: One of the most decisive Fridays is here. ‘Zero’, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is all set to be finally released after being in production for more than 1.5 years. The premise and characters are very interesting and trade, industry and viewers are looking forward to its outcome at the box office. ‘Zero’ stars Anushka […] More