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Simmba Quick Movie Review

Ranveer Singh delivers a fantastically energetic performance and is a delight to watch. He clearly excels in all romantic, comedic and action scenes. Sara Ali Khan is completely wasted and has only 2-3 scenes, and she is barely visible in the second half. Amongst the huge assembled star cast, Ashutosh Rana definitely stands out. There are too many characters which make no impact to the story. The first half is full of action, comedy and drama accompanied by the foot tapping and mind-blowing recreated version of “Aankh Maare”, which is a chartbuster and well-picturized. However, the second half is not executed so well as compared to the first half. In fact, the film drags and Shetty concentrates more on the action scenes (which were too long and repeated), rather than on the story. The court room drama is the weakest link and the thrills and excitement in the proceedings are missing. In fact, the problem lies in the second half which barely offers any novelty or entertainment. Emotionally too, it fails to make the viewers hooked on. The film moves from being entertaining to a preachy course on the safety of women. The subject of rape is very immaturely handled. The story, screenplay and dialogues are just perfect to keep the audience engrossed in the first half mostly. Cinematography is of top standard and the background score is effective but is almost borrowed from ‘Singham’. Rohit Shetty lives up to his expectations and delivers yet another entertaining film, but only for the masses. Ajay Devgn is the one who saves ‘Simmba’s Ranveer Singh in the second half, and this makes Ajay the hero. The surprise entry of Akshay Kumar as the boss of Ajay Devgn in the climax as ATS Chief Sooryavanshi coming in 2019 is totally thrilling!

Rating: 2.5/5

It is a fully “paisa vasool” (money’s worth) film for the single screen audiences however, after the initial run, it is likely to drop in multiplexes. Rohit Shetty’s brand and the mass popularity of Ranveer Singh’s work will ensure a good run of the film till the 10th of January. Due to the vacation period, film will get a good opening.

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