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Zero Quick Movie Review

The rich production values, excellent VFX, special effects and photography contribute to the quality of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan acts quiet well, but not enough to deliver a good entertaining film. He does not look as effective as the dwarf, as Kamal Hassan looked in ‘Appu Raja’. Furthermore, his romantic angle with Katrina Kaif is the weakest link. Anushka Sharma on the wheelchair doesn’t create any sympathy. Her dialogues are horrible and not at all audible. Her acting too is very ordinary. The unconvincing storyline dampens the creativity of Anand L. Rai. He lacks the ability to work with top stars as his sense of film making is too ordinary. The result is a lengthy and boring movie. It drags after the interval and does not touch the audience emotionally. The editing is too loose and the story/screenplay, especially in the second half is childish. It also lacks powerful dialogues. The way this unrealistic drama unfolds is unbelievable. Even the NASA shooting in the second half, fails to save the film from being a disaster. Music is another big disappointment. The long list of cameos is forced into the drama. It just adds to the star value, but unfortunately, it is not quite beneficial. Overall, Anand L. Rai disappoints badly. One should have never given a huge budget (Rs. 200 Cr) to someone who is known for making realistic films in Rs. 10-20 Cr. He fails to deliver and die-hard fans of Shah Rukh Khan would be utterly disappointed!

Rating: 2/5

Though film has been promoted for the past six months, it has not generated positive vibes among the audience. It will be difficult to recover the Rs. 200 Cr budget. After the opening weekend, the film is bound to struggle from Monday and in the second week onward, due to the release of ‘Simmba’. There won’t be any takers for ‘Zero’ and the word of mouth is not favorable.

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