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    Blackmail Movie Review

    ‘Blackmail’, apart from riding high on the shoulders of Irrfan Khan, also has been hot among the audience because of Abhinay Deo’s (director of ‘Delhi Belly’) name attached to it. Its quirky promos and offbeat songs already hinted at what the makers are going to serve us in the main course. ‘Blackmail’ starts with Dev […] More

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    Dobaara: See Your Evil Movie Review

    Arguably, there’s not much of novelty that one can now do in horror genre. After countless scarefests, it feels at times that we have seen it all. But once in a while comes a film that challenges this notion. ‘Oculus’ (2014) was one such film that was a horror movie with a difference. Hence expectations […] More

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    What a journey for Nawazuddin Siddiqui – from watchman to actor!

    ::cck::1873::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Born and brought up in a small town in UP, Nawazuddin Siddiqui hailed from a family who struggled to make ends meet. After picking up a handful of odd jobs including working at a chemist and as a watchman, he finally enrolled in the National School of Drama and ever since there has […] More

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    Sheeja Jose’s Gone With The Bullet book launched!

    Best seller authoress Sheeja Jose, known for her first book ‘Goodbye Girl’ just launched her second book ‘Gone With The Bullet’ on the weekend at Crossword by Hussain Zaidi, veteran journalist and an author of many best selling books and renowned filmmaker and screenwriter of the recent Bollywood hit ‘Badlapur’, Sriram Raghavan. It is an […] More

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    Bollywood Award shows are a joke!

    The season of awards in Bollywood is in full swing. It looks really idiotic when each award ceremony is differently awarding Best Actors, Best Actresses or Best Films. It looks a deceiving game of favouritism. The harsh reality is that the majority in the industry don’t take these award ceremonies seriously. Many top actors don’t […] More

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    Top 10 Melodies of 2015

    Bollywood music has changed drastically over the last few years. The abundance of EDM and club numbers have dominated the music industry with some nonsensical lyrics. The less said, the better. The emphasis on creating tracks which will be popular in clubs was a trend until it got saturated with mediocre Bollywood numbers. 2015 revived […] More

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    What is going on with Radhika Apte and the PR machinery?

    ::cck::817::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Anyone who has been following the recent scandalous PR goofs of a girl called Radhika Apte has more reason to smirk. The newbie (of ‘Badlapur’ fame and ‘Hunterr’ infamy) is doing an Indo-British movie called ‘Bombairiya’. Apparently, there is a promotional write-up circulating in the media, announcing that Radhika is meeting “a lot […] More