Sheeja Jose’s Gone With The Bullet book launched!

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Best seller authoress Sheeja Jose, known for her first book ‘Goodbye Girl’ just launched her second book ‘Gone With The Bullet’ on the weekend at Crossword by Hussain Zaidi, veteran journalist and an author of many best selling books and renowned filmmaker and screenwriter of the recent Bollywood hit ‘Badlapur’, Sriram Raghavan.

It is an unusual tale of love, romance, trust deceit and murder. It is about an eventful journey of a middle aged shooter who falls in love with the teenage daughter of a man whom he has brutally killed.

Hussain described the book as ‘unputdownable’. Sriram Raghavan said that it was one of those books that he read from an angle of a screenplay. “If ever there was a film to be made on this, it would be such a good one. Perhaps I might like to make it as well,” he added.

Since Sheeja was a channel executive (launched shows like ‘Adalat’) before becoming a full time author, small screen celebs like Karan Oberoi, Mitali Nag, Amit Verma, Sheetal Maulik and Sachal Tyagi graced the occasion.

Sheetal last seen in ‘Guttar Gu’ said, “Whatever I have heard at the launch press conference has made me very excited to read the book. I have brought a copy and got it signed by my friend Sheeja.”

“The story of Sheeja Jose’s first book, ‘Goodbye Girl’ was so engaging and intriguing. It was about a young girl getting framed in murder and put behind bars for three years. What happens after she comes out of prison? Similarly, ‘Gone With The Bullet’ is one of those books that will keep you on the edge till the last page,” Zaidi told the audience.

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