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Ranbir Kapoor VS Salman Khan – Is it happening or not?

Now when it comes to Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, it’s no hidden secret that the two aren’t the best of friends and aren’t really fond of each other.

Even though Salman was very encouraging of Ranbir in the initial days of his career, things took a U-turn when Ranbir started dating Katrina Kaif, who had been Salman Khan’s girlfriend for many years then.

Apparently, Salman wasn’t very pleased with the way Ranbir tried to position himself in Katrina’s life after their breakup or probably at that time when things weren’t the best between Salman and Ranbir. One section of the media had even reported and directly blamed Ranbir for their breakup.

After that, there have been many instances where Ranbir was literally spotted avoiding contact or face-to-face meetings with Salman in any platform. The two never share the stage or the same platform together nor do they attend any party together at the same time.

What’s hilarious is that it isn’t just Salman or Ranbir who are at loggerheads with each other but even their fan clubs on social media. Although Ranbir isn’t on social media but his fan clubs are active enough to pitch in for him to stand by his side in any social media battle between the two clubs.

So, given all this, imagine what can actually happen if the duo ever clashes at the box office?

Well that day could well have been soon. Salman Khan and his team have started shooting for the much awaited ‘Dabangg 3’ and have planned a Christmas 2019 release if all goes as per plans. On the other hand, Ranbir and Alia’s ‘Brahmastra’ is on floors and the team of ‘Brahmastra’ too is eyeing a Christmas 2019 release.

So, will it be Bhai vs Ranbir for the first time at the box office?

Well although that would be a brilliant thing to see from a fan’s point of view, but it seems like that is unlikely to happen.

The team of ‘Brahmastra’ as per their plans are supposed to complete their shooting by end of October and the film being a supernatural story, there’s a lot of VFX attached to it which naturally means the time will take time in the post production stage.

Besides, Karan Johar and team apparently want to push the date forward because he wants to give both the movies a fair opportunity. But what can be a bigger reason? It’s none other than Salman Khan. In today’s time, nobody would want to clash their movie with a Salman Khan’s movie and hence given this fact into consideration, ‘Brahmastra’ is all likely to be pushed forward.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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