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“I want to be India’s biggest pop star” – Dhvani Bhanushali

Her latest single “Vaaste” has crossed 100 million views on YouTube and Dhvani Bhanushali could not have been happier. The 21-year-old singer has delivered a slew of hits in a short span of time and confidently professes her desire to be the biggest pop star in the country. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her new song, striking a balance between studies and work, working with Tanishk Bagchi and more.

Most of the songs that you have done have been hits. What is that one thing, you think, has struck a chord with the listeners?
Every single that I do has a concept and a storyline. Even when we were children, we would always be excited at the thought of our grandmother narrating a story to us. We make a conscious effort to incorporate an engaging story in every video that we do. I think that is one thing that connects with the audience.

The girl in the song goes through a break-up. Have you gone through any such experience yourself?
Even I had gone through one, I would not tell you (laughs). I think every girl or rather every human being goes through heartbreak at some point in their lives and then, after going through a few bad experiences they find the person whom they want to be with.

In the “Leja Re” video also, you were playing a heartbroken girl.
“Leja Re” had more of a shaadi-like vibe. “Vaaste” is set in a college and talks about youngsters and the things they go through.

You have collaborated with Tanishq Bagchi on several songs.
This is my fourth song with him. He is a great composer and an amazing person. I think his creativity is a gift from God and nobody can match his talent. I am really glad to have found him as a mentor and an elder brother.

Nikhil D’Souza is relatively senior in terms of experience. How was the experience of recording the track with him?
Actually, we recorded our tracks separately. He was always the first choice for the male voice. I have been a huge fan of his songs especially “Mere Bina” (‘Crook’) and I am so happy to have my voice on a song which he has sung too.

“Laila” from Notebook was your first solo song in a film. The song had many high and low notes. It must have been a difficult song to sing.
Yes, it was a difficult song to sing. It took me three hours to dub it. “Laila” is always going to be a special song for me as it is my first ever solo song in a film. In films, we often see the man talking about his love but in this song, you see the girl confessing about her feelings. I think every woman should be expressive about their feelings. I was happy that this song was given to me.

What is the kind of role social media plays for an artist in today’s times?
I think it is a very important medium as everybody is on it and you can connect to so many people instantly. My target audience is the youth. I need to be on social media to be able to connect to them.

You are studying, learning music and working at the same time. How difficult it is to juggle between so many things?
Things have always been like that. Ever since I was a child, my mother inculcated in me the habit to be disciplined and make time for different things. I think if you plan things properly, you will never be short of time and do all that you want to do.

Do you have a contract with T-Series which binds you from singing for other labels?
There is a contract but I am allowed to sing film songs for other labels. In fact, my first song “Ishtehaar” was with Sony Music. I also sang a song in ‘Veere Di Wedding’, the music of which was released by Zee Music Company.

Can we something you do something completely different from what you have done so far – sing a classical song maybe?
Yes, I am working on something on those lines. I think my next single might surprise my fans.

Are these music videos serving as a build-up to your acting career?
No, I have no plans of becoming an actor. I want to be India’s biggest pop star.

What are you doing next?
I am taking a short break to study. I have exams in the month of May. Once I am done with the exams, I will start doing shows.

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