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Shah Rukh Khan finally breaks his silence on the #MeToo movement in India!

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) also known as the Bollywood’s ‘Baadshah’ is called so for a reason. He isn’t just ‘King Khan’ for the superstar status that he has achieved today but he is what he is today because of the person he is. He is an inspiration to millions around the world and his words are taken very seriously is a given thing. That’s the very reason why it becomes so important for the influential and the heavyweights of the game to speak and take a stand for the right and the wrong.

Although SRK might not be having the best of times when it comes to movies at the box office, the stardom the man has earned for himself over years and years of hard work hasn’t diminished by even 1%.

His last film ‘Zero’ didn’t make it big in the Indian market but was officially selected by the Beijing International Film Festival 2019 as the ‘Closing Film’. The film wasn’t just shown as the ‘Closing Film’ but was also received well by the Chinese audience, unlike the ones in India.

Wherever SRK goes, the media follows him is a known thing. So when SRK was doing a press conference with The Hollywood Reporter in Beijing and was asked on the aspects of the #MeToo movement, SRK finally ended his hiatus of being silent on the issue and chose to speak his heart out on the sensitive subject.

Here’s what he said, “Well, I don’t want to say that it’s a welcome thing to have happened, because one wishes it had never been necessary. But now that it has, I would like to say that it took great courage for these ladies to come forward — some of them shortly after their experiences, some of them years later. We should all respect the bravery that this required.”

In order to ensure from his end that this movement too unlike the other movements doesn’t become a matter of joke or memes, he added, “I also think we need to respect this enough to make sure it doesn’t just become a media sensation, or a bunch of memes and scandals on social media — it shouldn’t be treated that way. Because then it could just become a fad, if I may use that word. This is something we need to take note of seriously and make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Well here’s hoping the troublemakers are listening with their ears wide open to what the ‘Baadshah’ has to say and are taking serious note in order to not make this industry a dreaded place for women.

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