Why is the 15th August special to Sushmita Sen?


Sushmita Sen who would be seen in Comedy Superstars as a judge, talks about the most memorable Independence Day of her life.

Adopting two daughters at a very young age and by raising them as a single mother, Sushmita has created her image of a proud and independent woman.

“For me Independence Day means being free, enjoying your basic human rights, celebrating all those who sacrificed their lives. It means to take pride in your roots and in your identity as an Indian. To me Independence Day is a pride in my roots,” comments the Bollywood diva.

Describing her plans to celebrate the 69th Independence Day, Sushmita says, “Usually it is about being with family and children, seeing and explaining to my daughters (Renee and Alisah Sen) what is the significance of the 15th August. It is about spending time with each other and doing something fun while explaining them a small portion of why 15th August is so special to us.”

One of the reasons for her to celebrate the 15th August is, of course the memories this day holds. “I think more than my childhood memory of 15th August what will remain special is that the year I won Miss Universe in 1994 and on 15th August I got to spend our Independence Day with the entire population of New York and San Francisco where we celebrated it with hundred thousand people. To see the Indian flag hosted everywhere in New York and people screaming ‘Jai Ho’ in the streets, it gives me goose bumps to this day and that will remain my special memory.”

The former Miss Universe’s favorite patriotic song is “Vande Mataram” and favourite film is ‘Rang De Basanti’.


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