Celebs talk about freedom on Independence Day


The annual celebration of Independence Day in India is an opportunity for all to reflect on the value of freedom, its role in the history of India, and the opportunities it provides for relationships, life, and well-being. The value and priority of freedom is evident in the history of this country, both through the struggles to achieve it for all persons as well as in the great accomplishments and progress that have been made in terms of the freedom to think, speak, move, invent, and succeed. B-Town celebs talk about the day.

Himansh Kohli: “Well being a follower of Mahatma Gandhi since childhood and I am strongly influenced on his views on democracy which I also follow in person and tell everyone along to follow because I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong. Jai Hind.”

Vije Bhatia:Freedom is something you understand when you don’t have it. To me freedom is this wonderful opportunity to live my life as I wish. The restrictions that are imposed on us by the society are only a means for discipline to prevail and by no means threat to an individual’s right to live. It’s time we understand that we are actually privileged lot. Jai Hind.”

Hanif Hilal: “I am a proud Indian. I believe in our potential as a nation and I see all the glitches as a human error of judgement towards greater good. As far as freedom is concerned, sure there is a definite sense of freedom, but it has been marred by redundant ethical ideologies. But we are a nation that is still evolving and opening up to the concept of lifestyle and a life beyond mere religion. Let’s work together towards a better tomorrow and broader perspective to life, social norms and freedom of speech. Jai Hind.”

Madhura Naik: “Democracy is just not a tag but a pride symbol for us Indians. Today when we see our neighbouring countries struggling for not having a democratic system, we as a country stand tall! But recently when incidents of crime on women, children and innocent citizens are heard, one really wonders if we Indians really value the freedom. Also with changing times, the way social media is used and misused is a warning signal of threat to our democracy. So as a proud Indian I would tell my fellow citizens that we should understand and respect the democratic system because if tomorrow, we can’t speak our mind and our actions are watched and restricted, then India’s dream of being a superpower one day would be just remain a dream! Jai Hind.”

Karan V Grover: “Well Indians do enjoy freedom to a supremely great extent, but being a country with a huge social economic disparity, various segments of our society especially politically motivated tends to enforce and fortify many archaic and obsolete diktats/policies in the name of religion, culture, tradition etc. I believe if we get over these rigid outdated imposing behaviours we will reap the sweetest fruits of democracy and enjoy freedom in the true sense. But as Indians who I feel truly believe in the “do or die” policy we have been pushing boundaries of political, economical and social limitations and shortcomings and will continue to do so till the whole world says ‘Saare Jahaan Se Acha Hindustan Humaara’. Proud to be an Indian! Jai Hind.”

Deepika Singh: “I feel very proud that I am an Indian because we have so much freedom in our country at present. Also somewhere I still think women should get more freedom as compared to men. People should treat both men and women equally. There has to be some changes in society, need to think about women rights, also need to support for girl child. Education plays a very important role, we should make sure each and every girl should get basic education and bright career. Laws for women safety and education have to be improved and strictly followed. Jai Hind.”

Mahika Sharma:Being a proud Indian, I am thankful to our freedom fighters. And for those who are planning to harm our democracy, reminder for them that we girls wear bangles which may easily change into weapons, do remember Rani Lakshmi Bai, Warrior Queen of Jhansi even today we girls can change into her shadow! Would request enjoy freedom and let’s enjoy freedom! We gained it with a great loss. Jai Hind”

Abhijeet Sawant: ” Yes! Indians are enjoying freedom! But it’s like air. We breath every single day, every second and a minute. But we don’t realise it. In India, democracy is like home food. We love it, we want it, it’s healthy but we don’t give it respect. We have to understand and value our freedom. Jai Hind.”


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