“Wedding Pulav is my first film and I was nervous” – Karan V Grover


Karan V Grover talks with us, after shooting his first Bollywood movie “Wedding Pulav”.

About Wedding Pulav
Well I was doing a show for Shashi Ranjan and Anu (Anushka) Ranjan’s Beti Awards in Hyderabad and I had grown my beard those days as I was just too lazy to shave, I think that’s the look Shashiji liked and he asked his office to contact me and then told me to audition for the part in his upcoming film. So I did. I guess he liked what he saw.

Working with first-time direcotor Binod Pradhan
Binod Sir is a genius and simple. He can make anything look gorgeous and his eye to detail is not only for a frame but towards the nuances of your body language. The inputs that he gives while you are performing just simply enhances your demeanour on camera. It was a true learning experience with him.

About preparing for his debut
I was nervous. It’s my first film. And plus I look very different from how I have looked over the years so that is also experimental for me.

About his choice of “Wedding Pulav” as his first film
To be honest it was a very unplanned development in my life. It was not something I anticipated and frankly the choice for your debut is kind off limited when you don’t belong to a film family. But it has made me just belief in the fact ‘go with the flow’. And I was doing the same.

Big screen or small screen?
Yes you will see me on the small screen soon. I genuinely want to try and do films and TV together.

Making a mark in the industry with no godfather
Yes it’s difficult to establish yourself in the initial stage. But after a point, to be successful everyone has to prove their metal on screen irrespective of the family or godfather supporting them.


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