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    Is Dakota Johnson getting roped into the superhero universe?

    Actress Dakota Johnson is making a huge impact on audiences with her one-after-one versatile roles ever since ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ (2015-2018) film series. She has also been in the headlines few days back for her role in ‘The Lost Daughter’ (2021). She is seen in a completely different avatar in the film. Now, it […] More

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    “We have a new playground without the sentinels around” – Vikram Bhatt

    ::cck::1539::/cck:: ::fulltext:: If familiarity breeds contempt then anonymity should breed comfort. With this premise in mind; many have flocked to Internet chat rooms, are hooked on Whatssapp and Facebook, finding solace,  companionship and on occasions even sexual satisfaction from virtual strangers who may be using fake aliases. That is the idea behind Vikram Bhatt’s web […] More