Revealed: The truth behind Priyanka Jagga being thrown out of Bigg Boss


Dale Bhagwagar who has handled the media for a full 20 celebrities names who have appeared on Bigg Boss, managed to get in touch with a family member of Priyanka Jagga and get the truth behind megastar Salman Khan throwing the lady out of the reality show.
When Salman got personal 
After a volatile showdown on India’s No.1 reality show, Salman chucked out the seasons’ most controversial and TRP-bagging contestant for the second time from Bigg Boss 10. An irritated Salman even got personal and said, “If Priyanka ever comes on this show or any other show on Colors, I will never work with the channel again.” 
People could not understand what hassled Salman so much that he lost his cool. Speaking to Indian Express, Dale revealed that Priyanka was unhappy with the local Lonavala doctors provided to her by Bigg Boss. She is said to have had gynecological problems and was supposedly bleeding.
Behind the scenes 
“I’ve been told she was frustrated as she was not happy with treatment from the doctor provided to her inside the house. I’ve also been told she was out of the house for a day and underwent a sonography test from another doctor.”
“But it seems she was still not happy with the treatment and wanted more experienced medical attention from Mumbai or Delhi. Apparently, when that didn’t happen, she is said to have felt extremely helpless and cranky. That led to the ultimate showdown, part of which we witnessed on national television,” says the Bollywood publicist, stressing that he wasn’t handling her work, but got in touch with a family member of hers to help his friends in the media with correct info.
Being human 
After being removed, “Priyanka was sitting at the Mumbai airport and crying. She took a flight to Delhi. In fact, during her entire journey from Lonavala to Mumbai in a Toyota Innova, she was crying, crying and crying. She headed to Delhi where she was to see a doctor.”
Against all odds, the celebrity PR specialist sympathizes with Priyanka and defends her state of mind. He remarks, “As of now, no one seems to be looking at her side of the story, simply because she has chosen to be inaccessible and does not seem to be bothered about what people think. But just imagine her state of mind.”
Health before reality television 
“I understand that many could disagree with me. But don’t you think that to Priyanka, her health and well being would be more important than anything else in life. What’s wrong about putting health before reality television?” Dale asks.
He further defends Priyanka saying, “All humans have grown up in different situations. Priyanka Jagga is just another human being craving to be understood by people, the way she understands herself. That’s all to it. But instead, seeing her on the show, we have made a very big deal of it and branded her for her ways in our opinionated minds.”


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