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Pink Floyd to release their new song, Hey Hey Rise Up on CD after two decades

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Here’s an exciting news for all the rock music fans. Your favourite band from the ‘60s, Pink Floyd is currently all in progress to release two physical copies of their new single, “Hey Hey Rise Up” for the first time, after more than two decades of their last release. The song was actually released digitally in April in order to support Ukraine for the recent war, held between Russia and Ukraine. Pink Floyd is now planning to release the song on a 45 vinyl and as CD on October 21, 2022 in the US.

The band has also confirmed that there will be a reworked version of “A Great Day For Freedom” from the album, ‘The Division Bell’, originally released in 1994. The song was made to mark the Berlin Wall’s fall. It’s been reported that Pink Floyd’s guitarist, David Gilmour has reinvented the new version of “A Great Day For Freedom” and will be also released in vinyl and CD formats along with “Hey Hey Rise Up”.

Recently, in an interview with Guitar World, Gilmour has shared, “There was a wonderful moment of optimism, when the Wall came down, the release of Eastern Europe from the non-democratic side of the socialist system, but what they have now doesn’t seem to be much better. Again, I’m fairly pessimistic about it all. I sort of wish and live in hope, but I tend to think that history moves at a much slower pace than we think it does.”

The song “Hey Hey Rise Up” was first recorded in March in Gilmour’s barn and features vocals by singer, Andriy Khlyvnyuk from Ukranian band, Boombox. After hearing the version, Gilmour was so amazed that later he invited Pink Floyd’s drummer, Nick Mason, bassist, Guy Pratt and keyboardist, Nitin Sawhney and organised the featured music video officially in April. “Hey Hey Rise Up” also marked the first song of Pink Floyd, since the release of their album, ‘The Division Bell’ (1994).

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