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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Movie Review

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If you are contemplating whether you should watch Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 or not, the answer is No you shouldn’t because until the end, you won’t understand what the makers are trying to convey. Also, the prequel set standards so high that this definitely ruins the screenplay of the famous songs.

KartikAaryanand Kiara Advani tried to pull it off. However, they failed miserably. If there is one reason for watching the film, it is Tabu in the second half. Kartik and Kiara meet each other in a ropeway camp and Kiara trusts him instantly to miss her bus for home and attend a music festival. Isn’t this really impractical? Who on earth does that? Also, they start dancing out of nowhere, with loud music and extravagant clothing.

The screenplay of a song matters way too much and this movie is a live example. The dance on “Ami je tomar” is ruined simply. Kartik’s dance is anything but funny.

This movie has neither horror nor comedy. The cinematography is the only good thing about the film. Anyways that doesn’t matter because you won’t understand what’s happening. At some point in the latter half, things get really interesting but again, there’s a lack of clarity.

Overall, the movie entertains less and confuses more.

BhoolBhulaiyaa 2 is currently streaming on Netflix India.

 Rating:- 1/5

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