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Malang Quick Movie Review

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Stories which happen overnight have to be really appealing to the audience as the twists and turns occur so quickly. Director Mohit Suri presents Aditya Roy Kapur’s chiseled body to the paying audience. The latter succeeds in the action scenes where he clearly shows his forte but struggles in the most important department – acting. Shown as a good and bad boy, his chemistry with Disha Patani, who flaunts her body equally, is impressive and depicts a predictable romance. Apart from that, she can barely pull off her part. Set in Goa, it captures the rave party side of this place and may give a negative view to those who are unaware. Anil Kapoor is, as always, very likeable in his role as a Police Officer and receives some punchy lines. Kunal Khemu tries hard but looks like a misfit as Kapoor’s colleague. Their scenes are more laughable than enjoyable. The gaps in the script are aplenty as a lot of decisions are unexplainable. The supporting cast does not impress either; Elli AvrRam and Shaad Randhawa do their bit as expected. Suri, who was an expert in handling romantic and dark themes, mixes drugs, sex and crimes, in one flick, which isn’t unwelcomed, but eventually ends up messing it, unfortunately. Music is a hit and miss. Overall, ‘Malang’ is a good idea, gone bad, despite the best intentions!

Rating: 2/5

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