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    Elli AvrRam celebrates one year of Jesse and Malang

    Elli AvrRam went down memory lane as she reminisced about the times with director Mohit Suri, the fun on the sets, riding the bike and her dread look for the film ‘Malang’ (2020). The movie that is still trending as number 1 on Netflix, Pakistan surely hit the mark and Elli, who essayed the role […] More

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    Elli AvrRam to headline a Swedish short

    After delivering a powerful act in ‘Malang’ (2020), Elli AvrRam is all set to get back to her roots and headline a 23-minute Swedish short, titled ‘With You’. Elli continues to work in projects requiring her to speak in different languages and she always takes the challenge. Elli shares, “I had been waiting for an […] More

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    Elli AvrRam urges Dubai-based fans to help stray cats

    Elli AvrRam has always been an animal lover at heart and when she’s shooting abroad that’s no different. The actress found a black cat on a street in Dubai where she was shooting for an upcoming project and couldn’t help but come to its help. The ‘Malang’ actress has always advocated for helping animals and […] More

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    Elli AvrRam is busy with exciting projects after Malang

    After playing Jessie in Mohit Suri’s ‘Malang’ (2020), Elli AvrRam has been flooded with interesting and exciting offers. Released earlier this year, ‘Malang’, according to the actress, has given her a new lease of life at the plexes and she’s now being considered for some really fantastic projects. Firstly, she will be seen in Gaurang […] More

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    Elli AvrRam to be part of the web series 7th Sense

    After delivering a superb performance in Mohit Suri’s ‘Malang’ (2020), Elli AvrRam has been officially signed on board as one of the leads in Gaurang Doshi Productions’ upcoming web series ‘7th Sense’ – an edge-of-the-seat murder mystery. This annoucement comes on her birthday today. Elli is exicted and shares, “So it’s a murder thriller mystery […] More

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    Elli AvrRam gets candid with fans

    Elli AvrRam has surely come a long way and is living her great Indian dream. The actress pushed the envelope with her recent performance in Mohit Suri’s ‘Malang’ (2020) and has some exciting projects in the pipeline. The young actress boasts of an impressive fan-base thanks to her dancing and experimental fashion, glimpses of which […] More

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    Malang Quick Movie Review

    Stories which happen overnight have to be really appealing to the audience as the twists and turns occur so quickly. Director Mohit Suri presents Aditya Roy Kapur’s chiseled body to the paying audience. The latter succeeds in the action scenes where he clearly shows his forte but struggles in the most important department – acting. […] More