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    Malang Quick Movie Review

    Stories which happen overnight have to be really appealing to the audience as the twists and turns occur so quickly. Director Mohit Suri presents Aditya Roy Kapur’s chiseled body to the paying audience. The latter succeeds in the action scenes where he clearly shows his forte but struggles in the most important department – acting. […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Malang, Shikara and Hacked are lined up for release

    The month of February is here and it’s completely dominated by small and medium-budget films. Tomorrow, as many as three films will hit theatres out of which the first hand has potential to click at the box office big time. ‘Malang’ is directed by Mohit Suri, who, in the past, has given super-hits like ‘Aashiqui […] More

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    Half Girlfriend Movie Review

    The idea of love has become quite complicated in today’s times. It is fairly common to come across couples who are not officially in a relationship but behave like they are in one. In some cases, this happens when the couple realizes that though they are attracted to each other, they shouldn’t go ahead since […] More

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    Half Girlfriend Music Review

    Ever since he started out with ‘Zeher’, Mohit Suri’s films are known to carry popular music. Regardless of the fate of the film, a couple of songs from each of his films manage to strike a chord with the listeners. ‘Ek Villain’, the film which Suri and Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Films had collaborated on, had […] More

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    Half Girlfriend Trailer Review

    ::cck::1902::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Chetan Bhagat is one of the highest selling novelists in India. So, a film being made on a bestselling book authored by him is bound to generate curiosity. ‘Half Girlfriend’, based on the book of the same name, has been directed by Mohit Suri and co-produced by Bhagat, Suri and Balaji Telefilms. The […] More

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    Hamari Adhuri Kahani Movie Review

    Mohit Suri has attempted various genres and dealt with different subjects in his decade long career as a director. The one thing that is common in all his films is the fact that a strong emotional undercurrent runs through the narrative. He is a filmmaker who is known to portray emotions effectively. Mahesh Bhatt had […] More