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Lata Mangeshkar’s special message for MS Dhoni!

MS Dhoni has undoubtedly been the most iconic player India has ever seen. He is responsible for giving the country major tournament victories like the T20 World Cup, 50 overs World Cup, Champion’s Trophy as well as the IPL for his franchise team, Chennai Super Kings. So far in the world, there have been 527 International cricket captains and out of them, only India’s MS Dhoni is the one who has all the titles under his belt.

But cricket is a harsh game and sometimes the mind might want things which the body doesn’t allow. That exactly seems to be the case for the 38-year-old MS Dhoni who has been facing a lot of difficulty when it comes to middling the ball with his cricket bat. Naturally critics jumped into the scene and people speculated that it is time for Dhoni to retire now.

However, the ‘Queen of Melody’, Lata Mangeshkar has other thoughts for Dhoni. Although Lata Mangeshkar is on the higher side of age and she doesn’t sing as actively as she used to in her younger years, she has always been a huge admirer of the game of cricket and has always earlier expressed her admiration for the great Sachin Tendulkar’s game. After Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni is the only second cricketer for whom Lata Mangeshkar openly took a stand and she recently tweeted.

Well with the support of the Nightingale of India, MS Dhoni must not make any decision regarding his retirement.

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