“I want to play a romantic character” – Pranav Sachdev


Love for acting brought Delhi boy Pranav Sachdev to Mumbai a couple of years back. Though his dream of playing a romantic hero remains unfulfilled, the law graduate, who faced the camera for the first time when he was in first grade, has dabbled in theatre, television and is now shooting for a web-series. In this interview, he talks about his journey so far.

You are from Delhi and have a degree in law. What made you come to the city of dreams and try your luck in acting?
This degree in law was a perquisite for me to stay in my house. My father is a lawyer in Delhi. When I expressed my desire to become an actor, he said that it is a very uncertain profession, so I should get a degree first and then do whatever I wish to do in my life. I got the degree, framed it and gave it to him. After that, he was okay with the idea of me trying my hand at acting.

Was that a calculated risk? Did you ever think about going back to Delhi and pursuing a career in law?
That is not an option anymore. To become a lawyer, you have to go through a certain procedure. After getting the degree, you have to give the bar council exam and then you have to work as an intern with a lawyer. I am quite young now but if four years down the line I say that I want to change my profession, it would not make any sense. I am very sure that acting is something I would want to do all my life.

But your dad did tell you that you have three years to prove yourself as an actor or go back to practicing law.
Yes, he told me that I can try till the time I am twenty seven or twenty eight years old. By then, if things do not work out, I should come back to the court. Honestly, I do not think I will be a great lawyer as my heart is completely in acting.


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