“Digital platforms have a larger audience than television” – Harshita Gaur


After making a huge mark with her first show ‘Sadda Haq’, which had a successful run for two and a half years and was very popular with the youth, Harshita Gaur took a well-deserved from television. The young actress will be back soon, though this time on a digital platform, as her new show ‘Punchbeat’ is scheduled to hit the web in some time. In this interview, she talks fondly about her first show, the things she considers before taking up a project and making a transition from television to a digital platform.

Your show ‘Sadda Haq’ ran for two and a half years. As an actor, how does it feel to play a certain character and being a part of a specific setup for such a long time?
Working for television is an exhausting process. You have to shoot every single day. Sometimes, you have to stretch your schedule so that there is no delay in the telecast. There was a time when ‘Sadda Haq’ was aired as a one-hour show for two months. At that time, we had to shoot for twenty hours a day. But, since the show was very good, all of us enjoyed the entire process of shooting for it despite the hectic schedule. I really enjoyed playing Sanyukta. The character had a very interesting graph. Also, I made my acting debut with the show, so it will always remain special for me. I feel I grew tremendously as a person and an actor while working on the show for two and a half years.

In ‘Sadda Haq’, Sanyukta grows up in a patriarchal society and battles several odds to achieve her dreams. Have you faced any such circumstances yourself?
All the stories are inspired from real-life situations. I might not have faced the kind of circumstances or problems Sanyukta had to go through, but I have also faced difficulties and had to go an extra mile to prove my worth in certain situations. Of course, Sanyukta’s problems were much bigger than anything I have faced in my life. Sanyukta’s family was not supportive of her choices in life but I come from a kind of a family where I have always got the freedom to do what I wanted to.

For more than a year, you did not take up any other show. Does that mean you are choosy about your work?
I think till the time you can afford to wait, you should. Sometimes, things do not fall in the right. I might want to work on a particular project which is not offered to me. Similarly, somebody could want to cast me in a particular role which I am not convinced about.


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