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Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor shows another unconventional side in his debut production Thar

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Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s debut as a producer has once again presented us with an unconventional side to him as an actor leaving fans, critics and the industry alike impressed with his performance as Siddharth in recently released ‘Thar’. Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor embodied the character as intended.

Another unconventional choice by Harsh Varrdhan, Siddharth has a dark side with a backstory that made the character deeply engaging and begged audiences to empathise with this grey character. From ‘Mirzya’s (2016) Aadil, to ‘Bhavesh Joshi Superhero’s (2018) Sikandar Khanna and ‘Ray Spotlight’s (2021) Vikram Arora, Harsh Varrdhan’s performances are dark, beautiful and nuanced.

Similarly, Harsha Varrdhan as Siddharth in ‘Thar’ is successful in capturing the essence of an intriguing and unpredictable outsider. While the trend is surely shifting away from the mainstream as Indian cinema spreads its roots and the audience has begun being more comfortable with grey and intense characters, Harsh Varrdhan has always had a pulse on these kinds of characters since the inception of his career. By doing so, he has not only redefined the quintessential hero, but also proved that if anyone amongst the new-age crop of actors is brave enough to truly explore the depths of human emotions as a performer.

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