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Radhe Shyam Movie Review

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Full of fantasy and computer-generated sets and scenery ‘Radhe Shyam’ confuses, with preposterous situations and the audience will have a tough time figuring out what the movie actually trying to depict. A girl who is so carefree to trust any stranger and enjoys hanging out of the open doors of a train fears death is hard to believe. A palmist whose predictions are never wrong believes in some fantasy and survives the tsunami without a scratch is again hard to believe. Not only that, after surviving a Tsunami he is on time to reach his lover at the hospital.

‘Radhe Shyam’ is a romantic period drama set in the pre-emergency era. With stunning visuals and musical effects, the movie has wonderful cinematography and cast. However, all of this is combined with extremely poor writing and plot development.

Vikramaditya played by Prabhas is called the Nostradamus of India because his predictions are never wrong, falls hard for Pooja Hegde and believes that he has the power to change his destiny. The movie tries to portray that nothing is fixed or permanent, no science is absolute and there is always a chance to change what has been destined for you.

However, the 140-minute-long movie couldn’t do justice to the core of the theme and one might feel that it’s uselessly long with unnecessary scenes. The chemistry between Prabhas and Pooja is extremely bland and doesn’t keep the audience hooked for a much longer time. There are even some characters who don’t even have one dialogue but exist in the film. Nevertheless, the VFX team has done an incredible job and must be appreciated.

Radhe Shyam is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

Rating:- 2/5

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