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Four looks from Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s wardrobe that are worth fashion inspiration

Photo Credit: Instagram

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s Instagram handle is an endless scroll of sass and fashion. The ‘Thar’ (2022) actor spared no chance to showcase his vivacity through his style and his experimenting fashion acumen.

Here are four looks from his wardrobe that are worth striking a storm.

The Class

Kapoor oozed charm in this cocoa double-breasted blazer and stunned all of his fans. His poise intensifies the look ten times more and we are absolutely taken aback by his style statement.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ecocentrist Charm

Kapoor is a fierce experimentalist and we indeed see him exploring styles to see what will stand out. Being inclined towards ecocentrism, Kapoor chose to don a sustainable denim piece by Greg Lauren and shut everyone with his unique yet appealing style. Hot, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: Instagram

The Casual Charmer

Kapoor donned a decorative chain denim by Amiri with a navy blue casual tee. Despite being a blend of a casual and fancy look, the actor gives a chic vibe in the outfit, bringing out another shade of his experimental personality. Aren’t we floored?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Dye To Die For

It’s astonishing how Kapoor aces every single look he embraces. He looks like a classy entrepreneur in this yellow-dyed suit from Amiri, who likes to gulp on an espresso on a Monday morning and work throughout the day without losing on that poise.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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