“Chauranga is based on a real life incident” – Bikas Ranjan Mishra


Several names come to one’s mind when one thinks of critics who turned to filmmaking. While some of them made a successful transition from writing about films to making them, there have been many who could not achieve much of a success as a filmmaker. Bikas Ranjan Mishra, a former film critic and founder of a leading website dedicated to independent and world cinema, is ready with ‘Chauranga’, his debut feature which has already made rounds of several film festivals.

What does the word Chauranga mean? How is the title relevant to the film?
The literal meaning of Chauranga is four colours. Colour also stands for ‘varna’ which is a word associated with caste. Since the film deals with the issue of caste discrimination and the violence happening because of it, we thought Chauranga would be an apt title.

The film is based in Jharkhand and you hail from the same state. Did you draw any inference from your personal experiences or something you had witnessed in the past and incorporate in the film?
The film is based on a real life incident but not something I witnessed myself. While writing the screenplay, I decided to shoot the film in my native village as I was familiar with that milieu. The event has been recreated but in a different location.


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