“I love the colours and vibrancy in commercial Hindi films” – Tannishtha Chatterjee


Apart from giving some memorable performances in Indian films, Tannishtha Chatterjee has made a name for herself in the West by appearing in several prominent international films. She has left a mark as an actress on the World Cinema map and has proved that an artist does not have any boundaries. In this interview, she talks about her upcoming Hindi film ‘Chauranga’, love for commercial films and future projects.

Tell us about your role in the film.
The character I play in the film is called Dhaniya. As the name suggests, the she is a little spicy (laughs). I would describe her as a fighter. She has many problems in her life but she does not let them overpower her. She is very lively and full of life. Though she is a devoted mother, she likes to live life on her own terms. She does not refrain from using her sexuality to her advantage but knows where to draw the line. It is a very interesting and colourful character.

You are mostly seen in offbeat films. What makes you stay away from commercial cinema?
I love Bollywood. I love the colours and vibrancy in commercial Hindi films. There are many commercial filmmakers whom I would like to work with. If I am offered a commercial film in which I can make some significant contribution as an actor, I would love to do it. But, I have not offered any such film till now.


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