Abhishek-Aishwarya’s Guru completes 10 years of its release


The film ‘Guru’ starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan completed 10 years today. On this joyous occasion Abhishek took to Facebook to pay his tribute to the film, ace director Mani Ratnam and his beautiful wife Aishwarya. 
Here is the statement he shared on his page: 
“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years. Guru has been one of the most demanding as well as one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Every second of making the film is etched in my memory. From our first day of shooting in a freezing Istanbul to our last in the heat and humidity of Mumbai. Turkey, Badami, Puducherry, Madurai ,Chennai and finally Mumbai such great memories. 
Not many know, Mani and I, after Yuva had planned to make another film. A couple of months before we were to roll on production he sent me a message that he wanted to meet urgently. I offered to fly down to Chennai and he said that he would come up to Mumbai. That’s when I panicked! I was convinced he was going to replace me and tell me that he felt that I was wrong for the film we were about to make. The day he arrived I was a nervous wreck, praying that he wouldn’t. He arrived, sat down and in his unique manner told me he didn’t want to make the film. My heart sank, my worst fears were coming true. I mustered up whatever courage I could and as bravely as possible told him that I would obey whatever his decision was. 
He said “OK” and started leaving. Every step he took towards the door was crushing. Then he turned around and said ” oh yeah, there’s something else I’ve planned will you do that?” I didn’t even hear what he was planning to make, my ” yes” was instant. That’s how Guru happened. The only other thing I remember from that meeting was him telling that I should put on weight as the character aged. Wait, so I get to do another film with Mani Ratnam and in this one he wants me to gain weight and is going to allow me to eat all the junk food that I want? How could I say no!! 
This is but one of the thousands of memories that I have of the making of this beautiful film.
We had a great team. One of the finest assembled in my humble opinion. The technicians the actors, everyone. It was a sheer pleasure to go for shoots everyday.
Mani, G S sir, Rajeev Mennon, A R Rahman, Samir Chanda, Victor, Shaad and the rest of the crew, thank you. 
To an awesome cast cast headed by the great Mithun da, Maddy,Vidya Balan, Mallika Sherawat, Darshan Jariwala, Manoj Joshi, Arjan Bajwa,Arya Babbar,Roshan Seth,Sachin Khedekar,Nina Kulkarni,Sanjay Mishra,Sudhir Pandey,Sunny Subramanium,Murad Ali, Sarita Joshi ji. Thank you. 
Lastly and most importantly, to my ” 50% partner”, to my Sujju, to my wife, to my Aishwarya. 
Gurukant Desai is nothing without his Sujata.
And my performance would have been nothing without you. 
You gave me confidence when I had none.
You inspired me when I needed inspiration.
You tolerated my eccentricities and madness and showed how to do it all with calm, grace and dignity. I have always said that you had the toughest role in Guru. But you did it so effortlessly, a mark of a great performer. For this and much more I will be eternally indebted. Thank you. 
Guru will always be one of the most special films that I’ve made. Thank you all!” 


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