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Why Celina insisted Ram Kamal had to enact love making with Azhar Khan?

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It might sound funny, but Celina Jaitley wanted director Ram Kamal Mukherjee, to show the exact body language and shot division, for the the love making scene with her co-actor Azhar Khan, in ‘Season’s Greetings’. While they were doing a workshop, on all the scenes in Kolkata, Celina wanted to know the exact body movement, which he expected as a director.

A source from the unit reveals, “Ram Kamal sir was a bit surprised, but took it sportingly. He took permission from actor Azhar Khan and then enacted the movement. We were holding ourselves from bursting out of laughter, as it was hilarious to see a director, showing a love making scene to his male actor, while the heroine was standing seriously and observing. We had intimacy supervisor Manisha Basu, who was always around for these scenes, and just before the lip lock scene, both Ram Kamal sir and Azhar burst out into laughter saying ‘cut cut’!”

When quizzed, Azhar Khan said, “Oh God! That was hilarious. I mean, Ram Kamal is like an elder brother to me. Being a debutant, I was already nervous doing the scene with someone of Celinas’ calibre, to my astonishment she asked Ram Kamal Dada, to show the love making movements. Dada is very particular, about his shots and didnt want to make it look tacky, he wanted a passionate yet aesthetically done scene. That’s when I froze, in fact when he was holding my hands the first thing he asked was ‘why are you nervous?’ I covered it up, saying the air conditioning is strong. But the fact remains, I was nervous. Then I realized, that the whole exercise was to ease out our body senses and make it look real. But with almost 25 people watching, it wasn’t easy. After the rehersal, Celina and I enacted the choreographed movements, which helped us during the shoot. Since it was a Steadycam shot, Pravatendu Mondal didn’t want any extra people inside the room. Ram Kamal Dada was on monitor, as we couldn’t even hear the music or the song, so he started singing live. Then on, we went with the flow and delivered a successful scene, consciously emulating what the scene demanded.” says Azhar Khan.

Azhar plays the role of Usman, who is in a live-in relationship with Romita, played by Celina Jaitley. The film was shot in Kolkata, and premiered on April 15 on Zee5.

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