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Geetika Vidya Gives Critically Acclaimed Performance Yet Again

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There is no doubt that Geetika Vidya is one of the finest actors of her generation. The actor has consistently delivered one fine performance after the other, constantly pushing the envelope with her craft. Geetika plays the character of a housemaid who faces domestic violence by her husband in ‘Thappad’ (2020), The actor hits the ball out of the park with yet another great performance by completely sinking into her character. With the promising Bollywood debut the actor not only rose above the regular audience expectations but has also truly shown a remarkable transformation as a performer in Bollywood. The critics are raving about her performance in the film as one reviewer puts it, “Geetika Vidya is terrific as Amrita’s (played by Taapsee Pannu) garrulous househelp in Thappad”.

One of the critics adds, “Geetika Vidya stands out for her performance in ‘Thappad’ as she creates a memorable character out of her limited screen space.” Also the young actress is getting applause from the reviewers which proves she is here to stay. “Geetika Vidya gets to play a memorable part (Sunita) and she kills it.” The powerful actor had started her film career with Netflix original feature film ‘Soni’. The actor’s first work had garnered accolades in international festivals from Venice to London in 2019. Geetika’s acting stood out in the eyes of our Indian Critics who have awarded her with the Best Actress 2020 Trophy recently for ‘Soni’.

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