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When Kiara Advani managed to scare Shahid Kapoor in a haunted hotel!

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani are currently at the receiving end of a lot of praises and accolades that are being showered upon them after the success of ‘Kabir Singh’, which is an official Hindi remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’.

Both their performances have been extremely loved and the duo are well within their rights to enjoy the success that has come their way. This is an even more special movie for Shahid Kapoor because in all these years, this is his first film as a solo lead which has crossed Rs. 100 crores in net at the box office. What’s more surprising is it took Shahid 16 long years to achieve this feat, which is too long given Shahid’s talent and potential in front of the camera. But it is better late than never.

During the shooting, both Kiara and Shahid bonded well as co-stars and their chemistry reflected on screen as well. During leisure time, Kiara and Shahid along with the rest of the cast and crew would play various games to keep themselves entertained and involved.

But no game beats this prank by Kiara that apparently made Shahid feel very scared.

Kiara and Shahid along with the cast and crew stayed in a hotel at Mussorie which was apparently haunted. Kiara revealed that this gave birth to an evil prank idea in her mind as she along with the crew planned to scare Shahid in the name of ghost. Shahid had a floor for himself where apparently noone was allowed apart from the crew and it was on the top floor just below the terrace which was never visted by someone out of fear. So one fine night, Kiara revealed that she knocked Shahid’s door time and again and disappeared from there after making scary noises to freak Shahid out.

Kiara added that although Shahid always maintained that he wasn’t scared of anyone, Shahid didn’t open the door himself to check as he apparently waited for his bodyguards to come and check for him which made Kiara 100% sure that their evil plan worked wonders.

Well, surely Kiara managed to get the better of Shahid here in this case and such pranks only go on to prove the camaraderie the duo share which ended up being extremely positive and fruitful for the movie at large.

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