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The Trip Episode 2 Review


After a rollicking episode that marked The Trip’s debut on the internet (and subsequently on television) and setting the tone for the theme of the show, the second episode gives us the first glimpse of ‘the trip’ that the girls embark upon. The duration of the second episode (13:29 minutes) was shorter than that of the first (16:52 minutes) but just like the first one, it made for fun viewing. Shonali tries to convince her boyfriend that, even though she would like to ponder over her marriage proposal for a while and that they should take a short break from each other, there is no need for him to get worried. The four girls reunite and gear up for an eventful trip. The start, however, turns out to be shaky but it all results in something which makes them feel that this trip is, indeed going to be very special.

The performances by the actors remain to be one of the biggest assets of the show. While the banter between the girls and the hurdles they face keep you fairly engaged, one would have liked to see some more movement in the storyline. The portion, in which they play a game while driving along, fails to evoke laughs and one wonders why that sequence consumed so much of the screen time. Thankfully, the story gets back on track soon enough and ends on a good note. The last shot does the trick and makes one look forward to the next episode.

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