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    Neerja Music Review

    One does not really expect an album loaded with songs from a film which based on a real-life event and one which does not (presumably) has an elaborate romantic track. A couple of situational tracks befitting the theme of the film are what one usually finds in such soundtracks. ‘Neerja’, a film which revolves around […] More

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    Words Do Matter!

    ‘Hum Tere Bin Hum Reh Nahin Sakte Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera Tujhse Juda Gar Ho Jayenge Toh Khud Se Hi Ho Jayenge Juda’ These are a couple of lines from the song “Tum Hi Ho” from ‘Aashiqui 2’, arguably the most popular song of 2013. The song not only struck a chord with the […] More