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“I went there and touched her feet and she was really kind enough to bless me” – Percussionist Dipesh Varma shares his fond memories with Lata Ji

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Percussionist and rhythm arranger Dipesh Varma, who started training with Pandit Bhavani Shankar at a very little age and a disciple of legendary percussion maestro Taufiq Qureshi, in an exclusive interview with, opens up and shares a few special moments with the legend late Lata Mangeshkar Ji.

At the very first, he thanks us for giving him the opportunity to pay his tribute to our Maa Saraswati, Shri Lata Mangeshkar Ji. He says, “It’s very unfortunate and feels really empty from inside. We lost such a great personality, such a great human being. I finds myself very small to talk about such a big icon, that she was, she is and she will be. I, just as a student of music, grew up listening to her songs.”

Recalling the moments the humble musician continues, “I saw Lata Ji once at the Shanmukhananda Auditorium in Mumbai. There was some event going on and he was at the back stage. I just saw her walking towards the wing, from the stage and just did Namaskaar from there as I couldn’t gather that much courage to go in front of her. But somehow later I managed and went there and touched her feet and she was really kind enough to bless me. That was the only interaction I had in my life with her.”

He further says, “As nowadays, we have autotunes and various kinds of softwares to correct singers’ pitch, while singing. But there is a frequency, which a singer has to hit the correct pitch and the frequency is 440 Hz and my father said that Lata Ji used to sing in that 440 Hz each and every note, when there was no technology. She was that much perfect.”

He further adds, “We just love her voice, love her songs. She is still with us, not gone anywhere. Her music is still with us. We should listen to her songs and learn from that and improve ourselves.”

Dipesh being astound said, what a coincidence, that on the day of Devi Saraswati’s Visarjan, Lata Ji chose her farewell. This proves that she was actually a living Maa Saraswati. She came in this world, spread positivity with her music, so much or joy and now chose her another journey.

Dipesh expresses his heartfelt condolences to her family and sends his Namaskaar to the great Shri Lata Mangeshkar Ji.

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