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Sudipto Sen hits back at Kamal Haasan’s comment on The Kerala Story, says “These people have not seen the film, so they think it is propaganda”

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‘The Kerala Story’ (2023) has earned well at the box office even after being embroiled in controversies. Legendary actor Kamal Haasan on Saturday, May 27, reacted to the Adah Sharma-starrer and called it a ‘propaganda movie’. Director Sudipto Sen has now reacted to Kamal’s statement and clarified that he has stopped convincing and explaining to those who have not seen the film.

In a recent interview, Sudipto said, “Earlier I used to try and explain, but today I don’t because people who called it a propaganda film, changed their opinion after watching it and said it was good, People who didn’t saw it, they are criticizing it.”

Sudipto continued that Kamal, like others in Tamil Nadu, could not watch the film and had formed an opinion without seeing it. He said, “The way it was not released in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. These people have not seen the film, so they think it is propaganda. There are so many silly stereotypes in our country. If BJP is liking the film, that doesn’t mean it’s their film. Not only BJP, but Congress and many other political parties… internationally in thirty-seven countries, people are liking it. Even if they have a criticism, they are calling and discussing it with me. I don’t have any regrets about that.”

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