Sridevi’s MOM awakening brilliance

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When at the end of the film, everyone is applauding and giving a standing ovation, it is clear that the filmmaker has succeeded in a big manner in conveying his message to the audience. Ravi Udaywar directed ‘MOM’ has got the same acknowledgement and the film is awakening brilliance. It hits you hard and also scares you as the father of a child girl. Parents can give freedom to their children to enjoy and party but they should make ensure the kind of company they keep.

The film has a strong story dealing with the relationship of a daughter with her step-mother in a subtle manner. The daughter is not disrespectful but she has not accepted her new mother after so many years, who has been kind and caring to her. The story is also about high society parties spoiling youngsters with access to alcohol and drugs and who get into the crime world easily. The two scenes; the daughter being gang raped and thrown near the drainage and the portion from the gang rape to the first half intermission, are really dark and hit your heart hard.

The screenplay of the film is intelligently brilliant and keeps you captivated to your seats. Some scenes in the film will bring tears to your eyes. Sridevi breaking at the hospital knowing her daughter has been raped is a top notch scene. The scene where the first rapist comes to know in the bathroom how he has been punished is a clap worthy scene. Rapists should be given a similar punishment in India. The laws need to become stronger for rape cases and the lawyers need to show more sensitivity in such cases. The background score of the film hits the chord of the story well.

Sridevi in the role of a mother gives an incredibly heartwarming performance. She gets into the skin of the character and displays her varied emotions in a subtle manner. You never feel there is any over the top scene from her. Today’s actresses are still no match to this legendary actress. After ‘English Vinglish’, this is one more memorable performance from this spontaneous actress after her hiatus. Akshaye Khanna as cop is sincere and adds significant value to the film with his act. Adnan Siddiqui as Sridevi’s husband is understated and brilliant.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a special role is a scene stealer as detective DK. He makes you smile and laugh without going loud. He also makes you emotional in a couple of scenes. There is no doubt, he is one of most brilliant actors in Bollywood. He leaves his mark as an actor in any character. Sajal Ali as the daughter is the backbone of the story. She has given a brilliant performance in a difficult vulnerable role like this. She matches Sridevi scene by scene, especially during the emotional scenes.

Ravi Udaywar as filmmaker has done a very good job without going overboard. The film touches you at heart and makes you think. ‘MOM’ is a well-made film and need to be watched by a larger audience.

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