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Simon Cowell, the renowned reality show judge gets involved into bike accident again

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Renowned TV reality show judge and producer, Simon Cowell recently got involved into a bike accident again after two years. The judge encountered the accident near his home in London last Thursday on January 27.

A representative of the judge disclosed the matter to The Daily Mirror tabloid that Cowell was riding an e-bike with an electric motor and suddenly the bike slipped on a wet patch and he flew over on the road. He further said, “Simon went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road and is lucky to be alive as he wasn’t wearing a helmet. There was blood pouring from his face but luckily, he managed to get some help from passers-by. He was taken to hospital and X-rays showed he broke his arm. He has his arm in a yellow cast and is on the mend now but will need to rest.”

Simon Cowell had a similar accident back in 2020 and for that he broke his back. He went into a surgery and had to take a long break from work. Because of that accident ‘The X Factor’ got cancelled after a long seventeen years.

Cowell is mainly famous for reality shows such as ‘Pop Idol’ since 2001, ‘America’s Got Talent’ since 2002, ‘The X Factor’ since 2004, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ since 2007 and many more. He is also the creator of the Indian reality show ‘India’s Got Talent’ since 2009. Simon has recently wrapped up the new season of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, which is gearing up for its release in April, 2022.

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