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Shayamal Vallabhjee book Breath Believe Balance receives a warm response

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‘Breathe Believe Balance’ by author Shayamal Vallabhjee has received a fabulous response from readers and reviewers alike and he is thankful to each and everyone, including publisher Pan MacMillan India, for showing love to the author and encouraging his humble effort. From understanding the importance of self-love to decoding the science of healthy relationships; from learning to be emotionally present in every conversation to engineering your environment for success, ‘Breathe Believe Balance’ helps you take a deeper look at your life.

It is one part memoir and one part guide to self-discovery. It is an intimate account of the lessons Shayamal Vallabhjee learnt while growing up during South Africa’s apartheid era, from living the life of a monk and travelling the globe with professional athletes. He has popularized the concept of ‘Balance’ in India. Using his knowledge and experience from the worlds of science, spirituality, and psychology, in this book, Vallabhjee takes you through this introspective and self-healing journey.

He says, “The decision to release this book during the lockdown was consciously taken. I knew in my heart with the overwhelming anxiety, fear, panic and stress around Covid-19, and its subsequent impact on human physiology, people needed a guide to help them understand and process their emotions and optimise their bodies and mind. We all have time in our hands and what better to use this time than to deep dive into oneself. I am truly humbled by the praise and admiration the book has received. I pray it continues to find its way into the heart and homes of everyone.”

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