Saint Dr. MSG has close brush with death while performing stunts in MSG The Warrior Lion Heart


A 360 degree entertainer par excellence, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (aka Saint Dr. MSG) has proved his versatility countless times. He left his fans stunned by doing several death defying stunts himself without a body double in his upcoming movie.

Saint Dr. MSG had to stand underneath a heavy brown dhol and bang it back on the ground in a song. Audience would be shocked to know that the dhol weighed about two tons. Its length was 21 feet and breadth 30 feet. While the cables hoisted the dhol for a proper take, the load swung dangerously close to his head as cables slipped. Saint Dr. MSG went ahead to give a one take shot as the huge dhol smashed perilously behind him, sending shards flying and raising a cloud of dust.

Saint Dr. MSG did not bother as the cables slithered, since the shot would have taken days to do had he not coolly faced the situation. The crew, the dancers nearly and the hundreds of onlookers on the sets were extremely scared and created a ruckus which Saint Dr. MSG controlled.

Having his doting daughters on the sets, with one of them directing, it was a poignant scene. The crew requested Saint Dr. MSG to use a body double but his only reply was – “How would I have dealt with it, had something happened to the stunt man? Besides, playing 30 sports and having performed aerial Yoga hung on a frame with my arms – without any safety harness – makes me very comfortable.”

On another day, he was to be hoisted and swiveled on a 1.5 ton bike and he tricked the director, his daughter Honeypreet into believing that they were breaking for tea. As his daughters were coolly sipping tea and planning the stunt with a stunt man in mind; Dr. MSG readied the shot and finished it, catching everyone by surprise.

The DOP Santosh Thudiyil who has worked on films like Krrish etc. says, “Anyone else would have played safe and not gone on in for the risky and high cable stuff which Saint Dr. MSG did with aplomb.”

This isn’t all as once a charge of explosive material was being loaded up by an inexperienced technician, whom no one really knew. On an intuition, Honeypreet called out to her dad, Dr. MSG, to withdraw from the explosion which was expected to be quite harmless. But when the big bang happened and massive cinders went flying, realization struck that the technician had used several times more explosive powder than what was required.

For Saint Dr. MSG, it was a providential escape and for his daughter, it is a grateful memory of how God looks after her father. That she is a Saint Dr. MSG’s daughter is her greatest good fortune and she feels God is always close by.

Directed by Baap Beti ki Jodi (Saint Dr. MSG and Honeypreet), the film ‘MSG The Warrior Lion Heart’ is slated for a 7th October 2016 release.


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