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Priyank Sharma and Sonnalli Seygall starrer Ishq Da Rog track out now

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Priyank Sharma and Sonnalli Seygall starrer new track “Ishq Da Rog” is out now. The video also features Saurabh Singh Rajput and is sung by Stebin Ben with music given by Asad Khan. But we hear that there were some secret wishes and crushes that finally were fulfilled on the sets of the song.

Saurabh Singh Rajput, who makes his showbiz debut with “Ishq Da Rog”, has actually been Sonnalli Seygall’s ‘jabra fan’ and a secret admirer since her first Bollywood project. In fact, he confesses that Sonnalli is the sole reason that he auditioned to feature in the song. When he was informed that the producers were looking for a new face to feature opposite Sonnalli, he couldn’t let this golden opportunity escape from his hands.

Photo Credit: Supplied
Photo Credit: Supplied

Unfortunately, he couldn’t audition in Mumbai due to unforeseen circumstances, but he didn’t lose hope and travelled especially to Dehradun to audition. The producers were visiting the hill station for the recce of their upcoming film ‘Boondi Raita’ and had a very busy schedule there. Post a 20-day long wait, Saurabh auditioned on the 21st day and bagged the role.

The music video finally fulfilled Saurabh’s wish to work with Sonnalli and also gave him the opportunity to talk to her. Even their co-star Priyank had his share of contribution in it.

Talking about it Saurabh says, “I have had a secret crush on Sonnalli for the longest time. I knew “Ishq Da Rog” was my chance to know her and spend some time with her. Priyank knew that and he introduced me to her.” He further added, “I would like to thank A2R Films for giving me this golden chance.”

On his part in this sweet meeting, Priyank Sharma says, “I only got to know of Saurabh’s admiration for Sonnalli when the shoot started. In fact, when he told me that he had a crush on her since years but never confessed it, I was shocked. So, I thought that the least I could do is to introduce them to one another.”

A pleasantly surprised Sonnalli says, “It was really flattering to see the kind of admiration Saurabh has for me. It was really nice getting to speak with him and work with him. In all its entirety, it was a really sweet experience for me and I wish him all the best in life.”

Producer of the song Rahul Sharma says, “A2R Films always believes in creating great content which can easily connect to viewers. In the past we have produced “Raanjhana”, a music video sung by Arijit Singh featuring Hina Khan with Priyank Sharma which was a big hit and “Ishq Da Rog” is again a five-minute musical video with amazing performances by the entire team. Our upcoming film ‘Boondi Raita’ where Himansh Kohli and Sonnalli Seygall are playing the lead role with a well-known cast will hit the floors in November.”

Director, Kamal Chandra says, “A perfect music video is a mixture of three elements – emotional story, lovely music and good lyrics and “Ishq da rog” is the mixture of all three which will definitely connect with the audience.”

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