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“Music is something you feel and which comes from the heart” – Siddhant Behl

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There are several actors in the film industry who come from a theatre background. Their stint in theatre gives them an edge over other actors who jump into the tinsel town directly. Joining the bandwagon of actor coming from the world of stage is Siddhant Behl who is all set to make his Hindi film debut with ‘Jugni’. In this interview, he talks about his journey as an actor, stint in theatre and playing a folk singer in his first film.

‘Jugni’ is your first film as an actor. How and when did your journey as an actor start?
I grew up in Delhi. As a student, I had a keen interest in sports. Theatre happened to me when I was in high school. While studying in Delhi University, I became a part of the dramatics society which was formed by Imtiaz Ali. I formed a group with a couple of friends and we started enacting plays. Actually, I got into acting because of a friend in Delhi. He was an active participant in theatre and would always be surrounded with people. I would wonder what it is about him that draws so many people towards him. I told him that I want to act and he introduced me to theatre.

You have done theatre in the past and have been a part of Act One Art Group in Delhi. How did films happen?
I was a part of Act One Art Group in Delhi and acted in several plays produced by the group. I was in Delhi when Shefali (Bhushan, director) gave me a call asking me to audition for the film. I arrived in Mumbai, went through several rounds of auditions and got the film.

You portray the role of a folk singer in the film. How did you prepare for the role?
I am not a trained singer. I believe you do not, necessarily, have to know the technical nuances of music to sing. Music is something you feel and which comes from the heart. I went to Ludhiana which is said to be the hub for folk music. I met a lot of musicians and one thing I noticed in all of them was their passion to perform. I thought if I could get even a bit of that passion in me, I would be able to play the character of a singer.

Apart from playing the lead role in ‘Jugni’, you have also been credited as the associate writer on the film. What was your contribution to the script?
The script has been written by Shefali and Shellee. I just gave some ideas and suggestions which Shefali incorporated in the film. It was extremely gracious of her to credit me as the associate writer.

What next?
I am working on two films but I cannot talk about them at the moment.

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