Loveshhuda starts with a one night stand scene!


A love story that starts in bed!

Well, finally it seems that the youth of India would have a language of its own spoken right at the beginning of the New Year. Come January 2016 and an entire new vocabulary of love (!) could well be up for display, courtesy ‘Loveshhuda’, which is not into beating around the bush when it comes to letting the world know what its true content is all about.

The teaser has pretty much done the trick, what with a young couple getting up from the bed after a night of bliss, only to realize that they are complete strangers who just found each other exciting enough for a one night stand. So while the girl doesn’t display any of those ‘Oh my God what did I do’ look, the boy – with a sore eye – only ends up wondering if this has been a ‘Hangover’ moment for him.

What happens next is pretty much the call of ‘Loveshhuda’ and if the romantic number that has already been on air for quite a while, “Mar Jaayen”, is any indication then well, first time director Vaibhav Misra pretty much has a lovey-dovey spin to the tale waiting to be explored for screen.

It is particularly special to see the leading man Girish Kumar in this avtar where he hops on with his girl on to the bed right at the beginning of ‘Loveshhuda’. It is apparent that Girish is playing an uber-cool urban youth, and how! Not feeling shy to step into a striking avtar, he pretty much promises good style quotient in the film, both as a personality as well as the character. As for the leading lady Navneet Dhillon, a Miss India contestant, it is refreshing to see someone strike a right balance between playing a today’s girl who is not afraid to explore her sexuality, and still not come across as someone with just inviting vibes.

Well, the makers (Vijay Galani) have given more than just a hint of what is in store once the film releases all over on January 29. However till then, it is pretty much a wait and watch time period for the next round of promotion to kick-start. Will there be a new chemistry on display at the beginning of New Year between Girish and Navneet? Well, pretty much seems like the case with ‘Loveshhuda’.


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