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Khamakha Movie Review (Short Film)

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Short films are the flavour of the season. With the kind of reach internet has and the amount of freedom it gives filmmakers to express themselves, many well-known faces from the film and television industry are showing keen interest in this format. Khamakha, directed by Aarti S. Bagdi, stars Harshvardhan Rane (‘Sanam Teri Kasam’) and Manjari Fadnis (‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’).

Udayan (Harshvardhan Rane), owner of a car workshop in Pune, is on his way to attend an important meeting in Pune. His car breaks down on the highway and the rich lad, who is not used to travelling in public transports, is forced to get himself seated in a government bus. While he is having a difficult time adjusting to the not-so-comfortable ride, he meets Raina (Manjari Fadnis). When he sees her reading a Hindi book, he gets curious and asks her if she is preparing for an examination.
In the modern world, a lot of people, in the country feel that those who do not have a good command over English are inferior to them or adhere to a backward mindset. To a lot of people, speaking or reading a book written in Hindi or a regional language is beneath their stature. Learning a language which has been given the status of a global language might be important but if somebody is not proficient in that language, you should not draw any vacuous assumption about them. The film delivers this message very well.

Fleshing out two characters while narrating a message-driven story is no mean feat. But, the film manages to accomplish that effortlessly, By the time the end credits roll, you understand the two protagonists quite well and are also compelled delve on a few things the film talks about. The initial portions of the film give you the impression that Udayan is an arrogant and snooty person but as the story moves forward, the director establishes his character very well. Through a couple of scenes, one gets to know that though he has ill-conceived notions in his head but he is a warm and sensitive person. You also discover several facets to Raina’s personality as the film trudges along smoothly towards the finale. The dialogues (Meghna Singhee), which give you an insight into the characters, are a major asset to the film.

Khamakha is a film which makes you smile from ear to ear throughout most of its duration. The film brims with a plethora of moments that warm the cockles of your heart. The film has a simple but engaging story that is shouldered by effective performances, sparkling dialogues and a nice soundtrack. This is a short film with a big heart.

Rating: 4/5

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