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K-pop TOMORROW X TOGETHER drops the exclusive preview of their 5th album, THE NAME CHAPTER: TEMPTATION

Photo Credit: Instagram

Gen-Z’s ‘it’ band TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) has finally dropped the exclusive preview video for their fifth EP, ‘THE NAME CHAPTER: TEMPTATION’ today. The highlight reel consists of the new EP’s five tracks such as “Sugar Rush Ride”, “Devil By The Window”, “Happy Fools (Feat. Coi Leray)”, “Tinnitus (Wanna Be A Rock)” and “Farewell, Neverland”.

The lead single “Sugar Rush Ride” is a dreamlike and sexy alternative pop dance track with funky guitar sounds and contrasting chorus. It tells the story of a boy who falls to the sweet temptations of a devil.

Other tracks in the EP include impactful pop genre prequel “Devil By The Window”, “Happy Fools (Feat. Coi Leray)” with YEONJUN as topliner and all members as lyricists, trendy afro pop “Tinnitus (Wanna Be A Rock)” about feeling empty and hollow after a party, and final salute to a beautiful yet utterly irresponsible paradise in the form of “Farewell, Neverland”.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER will drop a teaser for their new “Sugar Rush Ride” music video later this week.

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