Johnny Depp slams Hollywood: It’s all about a racket of winning, getting and being better

Photo Credit: Instagram

Johnny Depp, who has been one of the top A-listers of Hollywood with films like ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ (2003), ‘The Tourist’ (2010), ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ (2017), ‘City Of Lies’ (2018), has recently slammed Hollywood and called it a “racket”. With huge disappointment, the ‘Minamata’ star complained that his huge fame prevents him from doing normal things like visiting bookstores and all.

In a close conversation with South China Morning, the 60-year-old star shared that he loves to read books, “My life is a bit different from other people’s. I long to be able to go out into the world and experience things, see things, go to stores, and bookstores. But that doesn’t work for me anymore.”

“Where I feel the most myself in this world and where I go to feel absolutely normal, I suppose, is my place in the Bahamas, because it’s an island and nobody’s looking at me”, Depp continued.

Although there have been various rumours of spending too much money and living a lavish lifestyle, Depp absolutely denied. The thing that excites him the most is the simplest way of living. He shared, “Yes, everything boils down to real simplicity for me. When you’re on the island, you’re not at some swanky hotel.It doesn’t look like the Four Seasons or anything. It should look like what it is. It should look like a simple island house. Nothing grand, nothing. Just simplicity.”

After the long legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard and getting sacked from his longest running film series ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, Johnny Depp seems to have become saddened with Hollywood.

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