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Johnny Depp could return for Pirates Of The Caribbean, former Disney executive gives cue

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Johnny Depp is widely loved by fans for his outstanding performance in the iconic film ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’. Depp has portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow in all five franchises, since 2003 to 2017. But after his divorce with Amber Heard, Depp was wrongly accused by her as domestic abuser to The Washington Post in her op-ed in 2018. Therefore, Depp lost his iconic Jack Sparrow role in the sixth franchise of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ and also a $22 million deal with Disney.

Johnny Depp has filed a defamation lawsuit of $50 million against Amber Heard for the accusation made by her and the trial was started this April. Now the case ended on Wednesday, on June 1 and after a strong legal battle, Johnny Depp has finally won the defamation lawsuit against Heard and the jury has awarded him with a total sum of $15 million in damages, as $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages.

Today, it’s been reported by People’s website, a former executive of Disney thinks that Depp could return someday to his iconic role in the next franchises. Speaking to People, the executive said, “I absolutely believe post-verdict that Pirates is primed for rebooting with Johnny as Capt. Jack back on board. There is just too much potential box-office treasure for a beloved character deeply embedded in the Disney culture.”

A source from Hollywood’s inside also revealed to People that, “With Jerry Bruckheimer riding high on the massive success of Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (2022), there is huge appetite for bringing back bankable Hollywood stars in massively popular franchises.”

Another source added, “Johnny Depp will work again. I do feel someone will give him a chance. He is very likable and very talented. A studio will just have to gauge and see it worth the risk and value, but he also won public opinion. He gained a whole new fan base through this and, yes, he will be back.”

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