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“I am absolutely in awe of the way my personal crisis has been handled by the media” – Sugandha Garg

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After making her debut with ‘Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na’ way back in 2008, Sugandha Garg made very few appearances on the big screen. Though her filmography does not consist of too many projects, she has made some interesting choices in her career. Apart from picking up a few assignments as an actor, she also dabbled in singing and hosted a bunch of television shows. Though her last film ‘Coffee Bloom’ came and went away quietly, her upcoming film ‘Jugni’ is making all the right noises. Ahead of the release of the musical drama, Garg talks about playing a music producer/composer, being selective with projects and the way the media handled a personal crisis she recently went through.

Tell us something your role in the film.
I play a music producer and composer working in Mumbai. She is going through a rough patch in career where none of the work that she is doing is getting approved. She is also stuck in a relationship which is not moving ahead. To find inspiration, she decided to travel. She goes out in search of a folk singer called Bibi Saroop. Before getting to meet Bibi, she stumbles upon her son Mastaana, who also happens to be a singer. Apart from smitten with his voice, she also falls in love with him. The only thing common between these two characters is music and they communicate through it.

You left a huge mark with your debut film ‘Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na’ but did very few films after that. Why?
I was getting roles that had no or very little relevance to the story. I used to get offered roles of the sister, friend, girlfriend and the likes. Your career is made as much out of the things you say no to as much as to the things you say yes to. I believed I deserved better roles. So, I said yes only to the ones that gave me the opportunity to contribute something significant as an actor.

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